Anspear’s system enables new app for learning Manx

Produced using Anspear’s online authoring tool for language learning apps, a new app to help learn the ancient language of Manx Gaelic has now been released on Android and iOS. The app was written and constructed in the Isle of Mann by Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer of the Manx Heritage Foundation, with guidance and support from Anspear.

Learn Manx is based on the adult language course, Saase-jeeragh, which is run by the Foundation and has been instrumental in reviving the Isle of Man’s native language. The language was declared “officially extinct” by UNESCO in 2009 but has since seen a new lease of life.

The app’s author said Learn Manx would be a “real boost for the language” and felt he and his colleagues were “taking a great opportunity to use modern technology to help its revival”.

Learn Manx is an ideal introduction to Manx Gaelic, providing learners with the basic patterns needed to start using the language. Dialogues help learners become familiar with conversational Manx and with its voice-recording and playback function, the exercises encourage students to speak the language by answering questions orally and comparing answers to model responses.

Having designed hi curriculum, Adrian Cain entered all his text and audio assets and built the app screen by screen using Anspear’s online system to great effect. Anspear provided ongoing support and advice, and developed a number of new features for the app along the way.

Following its release in mid-November 2012 on the Androind and Apple app stores, Learn Manx has generated a large amount of interest and publicity. Alongside its author it has appeared on Manx TV, and on the BBC in online and television news. Its launch has contributed to the growing buzz surrounding the Manx language in recent years.

The production of the production of Learn Manx was made possible thanks to the financial support of Sure Isle of Man.

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