Minority European language courses

The MobLang project applies the principles of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) to support minority European languages. The aim is to promote intercultural dialogue, especially in former conflict regions or regions with many minority groups, by providing language courses on mobile phones.

Courses are being developed to teach the following languages to different learner groups:

The project has received funding from the European Commission and is being managed and coordinated by the New Media Lab at the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute. Project partners include the University of Cyprus, the Elhuyar Foundation, Luzia Research, St Mary’s University College, ANTIGONE and DROMOS.

Anspear is providing a system through which MobLang partners can design and develop their own interactive language courses, carefully localised to fit each social and cultural context. The courses will be provided on Nokia mobile phones to families, teachers, students, businesspeople and travellers across the participating regions early in 2011.

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