Early Career Teacher

Build on strengths, develop skills

Invest in early career teachers and help them meet new challenges. We ask trainee teachers about their skills and aspirations in an online survey, then recommend the perfect courses to help them develop.

Build confidence

Directly addresses teachers' development needs.

Save money

A cost-effective way to develop skills with expert CPD.

Mapped to the ECF

Survey and recommendations follow the early career framework.

How it works

1. Online survey

Teachers complete a simple online self-evaluation to analyse their professional development needs and identify areas they want to improve.

2. Personal CPD programme

The survey engine recommends 15 CPD courses to support their development goals. It also assigns them 5 universal, core courses on 'statutory' topics.

3. Self-directed learning

Teachers learn flexibly with interactive, self-directed CPD courses on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

4. Digital credentials

A digital badge and PDF certificate is emailed to every participant every time they complete a CPD course.

Reward and motivate

Key to any CPD programme is motivating learners and recording their achievements. All staff get a digital 'badge' and printable certificate for completing each CPD course.

Try it out

Want to see more? Try the training needs analysis survey and sample all ECTDP courses on the nimbl platform.

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Available courses

Mapped to the Early Career Framework

Following the online survey, we recommend to every teacher 15 of most suitable of the following courses, plus 5 courses on 'statutory' topics that everyone should learn.

Teaching & classroom skills

Statutory responsibilities

Pastoral care and SEND

Wellbeing and support

What's included?

gps_fixed Online survey
phonelink Recommended CPD courses
description Survey and CPD reports
timeline Online tracking
verified Digital credentials
new_releases Access to new courses
settings Setup & administration
live_help Technical support

ECF-based library

Each of the 90+ CPD courses in the above library has been mapped to the eight standards in the early career framework. You can download the mapping here:

View mapping

Find out more

For more information about the learning platform and starting a CPD programme, visit our features and support pages.

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