Case studies

Best GCSE revision app! Brilliant app - has everything I need for revision! The videos are great too :) A must have for any GCSE maths student like myself!

Year 11 student, Somerset

Improving provision, saving money

Challenger Multi Academy Trust is one of a growing number of education trusts around the UK using Anspear to deliver expert continuing professional development courses to hundreds of staff. This dynamic trust is made up of primary and secondary academies in Bedfordshire and Essex and has over 1500 licences for teachers and TAs. Senior leaders continue to be impressed by the quality and quantity of the courses, and the ability to control which staff members are given which course. With budgets already very stretched they see use of the system as an opportunity to both improve their provision and save money.

Giving members 70+ CPD courses

The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) represents 700 of the world's leading prep schools. They offer member schools a range of face-to-face training services, and wanted to supplement this with a convenient and comprehensive suite of digital courses, discounted for their members. We therefore created IAPS iLearning, a branded app containing over 70+ of Anspear’s published CPD courses for educational professionals. This helped IAPS offer more to their members while also supplement their revenue stream.

I like the feedback graphs. It is very obvious who has been doing the work, what they have achieved etc, which I haven't seen with any other programme.

Leader for Learning, Secondary school, Kent

Gloucestershire Virtual School

A study in training foster carers

Jane Featherstone, Head of Gloucestershire Virtual School, writes:

"Gloucestershire Virtual School now uses nimbl to deliver essential guidance and training on mobile, tablet and computers. The VS team needed to move away from face-to-face training for small groups of carers, as the costs could not be justified. We also recognised that the life of a carer can be very demanding and face-to-face training may not be easy to access given the demands of a family life.

nimbl overcomes this barrier to training, allows any carer the chance to train at their own convenience and even supports foster carers in their own wellbeing.

After our two year pilot, nimbl has been recognised as a very useful, user-friendly tool, and we have seen growing demand for nimbl for foster carers. We believe this success is due in part to the way we carried out and implemented the trial.

Firstly, VSH made a two year commitment to see how effective nimbl would be and it was made clear at the start that if the resource was not used it would not continue beyond the two year pilot.

In the first few months the VSH and the VS lead for training spent time attending every fostering strategic meeting, giving demonstrations of how nimbl works.

Certificates are issued to foster carers who have completed 90% or more of each module/CPD unit. This has been significant, as they can demonstrate to their fostering social worker that they are engaging with CPD. It is easy to overlook the need to praise adults in the workforce that support children in care. The certificates are very professional and carers really appreciate them.

In-house and agency carers can all have access to nimbl if they foster a Gloucestershire Child. A number of pre-loaded tablets were also purchased for fostering social workers so that they could support and demonstrate the nimbl system and training courses to carers as they travel around.

The Head of Permanence let corporate parents know that nimbl was one of the innovative ways that carers are trained. Recognition was given to the Virtual School, but it was really helpful to show that this is a multi-agency strategy to train carers."