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CiC-Ready School Programme

Supporting designated teachers and school staff

The CiC-Ready School Programme is designed to help Virtual Schools provide training to designated teachers and school staff who work with children in care (CiC) and those previously in care. This whole-school approach helps you ensure that these young people are fully supported by their schools.

Expert digital resources

Staff can use phones, tablets and the web to access courses on relevant issues such as attachment disorders and the effects of trauma.

Reach more teachers
for less

Extend training to more DTs and school staff, ensuring schools can better provide for vulnerable pupils.

Supporting PLAC

Expert guidance can also help schools to improve educational outcomes for adopted children and previously looked after children (PLAC).

Evidence and certification

Detailed reports show progress and completion data and are useful evidence for Ofsted. Schools can also be awarded certificates for completion.

Minimising workload

We do most of the administration so you don't have to. Digital courses reduce input required, and the user-friendly app requires no input from IT departments.

What's included?


As well as the resources outlined above, you can also expect:

timelineOnline tracking
bar_chartPDF progress reports
get_appAccess to new courses
updateAccess to course updates
verified_userCertificates for users
supervisor_accountUser briefing session*

^* When over 250 licences are purchased.

Additional support can be provided by agreement and extra cost.


Each individual licence provides one staff member with all the training resources for one year. They can be renewed annually.

Individual licences cost £40+VAT. When you order over 50 licences, prices can be as low as just 15+VAT per person. Get in touch to find out how much you could save or to place an order.

Custom apps

As standard, the digital resources in the CiC-Ready School Programme can be accessed via the nimbl app and web portal. As an additional service, we offer to create a custom version of this app and web portal, branded to your Virtual School. Prices are subject to the number of licences purchased.

We can build a programme to suit you and your specific needs. To findo out more, please get in touch.

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