Guide to targeted
CPD programmes


This guide is for schools enrolled in one of Anspear's targeted CPD programmes with surveys:

  • Early Career Teacher Development Programme
  • Aspiring Heads Development Programme.

These programmes use a training needs anlysis survey to identify a member of staff's development needs and aspirations, and then recommend the best CPD courses from Anspear's each programme's course library to help address them.

How it works

There are two main stages in the programme:

  • Your participants will use an online tool called Open Survey to complete a specially-developed survey about their perceived competencies.
  • They will then receive logins to Anspear's mobile learning platform, nimbl, to access their own, personalised programme of CPD courses. These are available both online and via a mobile app.

Leaders and participants have access to a summary of their responses and mobile learning progress data.

The survey

1. After joining, you will receive a welcome email with:

  • The URL to access the survey
  • An administrator login
  • A demo login for evaluation/demonstration

2. All of your participants will use the same, universal login to access the survey. This is found in the .csv file that's available on the administrator page. If you are part of a MAT, you may have one login per school.

3. Share this login with all of your participants and direct them to the survey URL, where they can fill out their responses.

4. The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete. Use a computer, not a mobile device, and remember that each survey must be done in one sitting.

5. You can keep track of who has started/finished the survey by redownloading the .csv file from the administrator page.

6. Once all your participants have completed the survey, please email to move onto the next stage.

Survey results

Shortly after your request, you will receive an email containing:

  • A PDF report analysing survey responses across all of your participants – this will help you understand how your participants feel as a group

Your participants will then receive, by email:

  • A report showing them their programme of recommended CPD courses – the programme has been generated based on their responses
  • This report contains details of how to log in to their individual mobile learning account

CPD courses

The survey engine will recommend 15 of the most suitable CPD courses for each participant, based on their responses. It will also assign 5 core courses on 'statutory' topics, which every participant should learn. As an organisation, you can select what these statutory courses are.

To begin learning all participants need to do is is log in to the URL provided or into the corresponding mobile app, which they can download for Android or Apple mobile devices.

Unless your organisation has its own app as part of this program or another program, this will be the Anspear app:

Their learning programme is ready for them as soon as they log in.

Digital certification

After completing a CPD course, participants will be emailed a 'digital badge' and a PDF certificate. This can be shared or downloaded and used as evidence of achievement. They can view their complete set of badges and certificates when logged into the mobile learning platform by going to Awards in the main menu.

Keeping track of CPD progress


As a manager you will also receive a mobile learning login. Log in to the web URL and you will be able to see which courses your participants have completed.

Summary reports

You can also request PDF or Excel overviews of of your participants' learning activity. Please email to request these.


We trust that the programme will run smoothly, but for any technical support, queries or advice, please email or call 01223 350555.


The survey asks every participant to enter an email address. This address will be used as their unique username for their mobile learning account and it will allow them to reset their password in future.

Email addresses will not be used for any other purpose. We take our obligations under the GDPR legislation seriously. All personal information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.