Improvement Planner

Improvement Planner helps the schools in your group or trust work together more effectively on school development. Using survey data from each school, our tool flags strengths, priorities and targets for CPD across the multi-academy trust, helping you identify areas for collaboration and support.

Identify strengths and needs across schools, revealing areas where schools can collaborate and pool resources.

Determine where schools are in Ofsted's Intent, Implementation and Impact progression across the curriculum.

Identify areas for continuing professional development, highlighting active priorities for the next two years.

Improve communication between schools over development issues and raise standards across a school group or multi-academy trust.

Clear analysis and reporting

Receive a report that summarises the data on a whole school group and school-by-school basis, identifying areas to drive improvement across the curriculum, learning environment, provision for pupils, leadership and management, and infrastructure, administration and community issues.

  • Repeat the process year on year to stay informed
  • Use reports to inform and update stakeholders

Range of areas covered

  • Curriculum subjects
  • Vocational education
  • Classroom issues such as assessment and behaviour for learning
  • Computing and technology
  • Leadership and management issues, including safeguarding, pastoral support, governance, recruitment and retention
  • Infrastructure, administration, finance and community issues

Easy to use

School leadership teams take an online survey at their convenience on issues that affect them, generating reports which represent areas of school development that are strengths, active priorities or targets for CPD activity.

How it works

1. A chosen coordinator distributes login codes to a representative at each school.

2. Representatives take the 15-20 minute online survey at a time of their convenience.

3. We compile your results automatically and generate reports for your school group or MAT and for each individual school.

Download sample reports

School group overview sample

This report includes the data from all schools, an overview, development issues, CPD priorities and areas for collaboration.

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School overview sample

This report includes individual school data on development issues, CPD priorities and areas for collaboration with other schools.

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What you can expect

With Anspear, you will never be on your own. We are always on hand and are committed to the success of your support and intervention programme. With Improvement Planner, you can expect:

build Initial survey setup
supervisor_account Personalised service
contact_support Technical support and guidance
support_agent 9am–5pm phone/email support

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