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NASBTT is delighted to be working with Anspear to offer a growing range of digital courses, helping its members to provide essential remote support for trainees. Purchasing licences for the 2020-21 cohort will offer access to a range of new training courses and the fully integrated digital credentials system introduced in May 2020.

How users are enjoying NASBTT Learn

We're delighted to see so many positive comments from providers and trainees plus impressive statistics concerning usage of NASBTT Learn.

Total number of active trainee users: 4000+
Number of courses completed: 30,000+ (with a digital credential awarded for each course)

We are really finding the NASBTT Learn courses beneficial and will be utilising them more next year, mapping courses against our curriculum areas. Trainees have commented that the modules are engaging and the content and presentation are easy to follow. As tutors we can track trainee progress and engagement easily.

Dr Sarah Alix, Programme Director, North Essex Teacher Training

Coming soon from NASBTT Learn

The Early Career Teacher Development Programme

In this programme, each teacher completes a simple online self-evaluation which analyses their professional development needs. Based on their responses, we provide an individually tailored report suggesting a programme of courses from the NASBTT Learn library. There is also a compiled report for the provider which gives a wider view of perceived areas of need across a cohort, and therefore the forms of extra support that may be required.

For more information about this programme, contact Jacquie Cox at

New publications

NASBTT Learn offers over 60 development courses supporting the professional development of trainees and other early career teachers. The courses to be added soon include:

  • Compassionate TA
  • Guide to Grammar
  • Lesson Design
  • Maths Support
  • Primary PE
  • Primary Maths
  • Reading and Phonics
  • Resilience in Children
  • Role of the Key Person (EYFS)
  • Supporting Numeracy: TAs
  • Teaching Creative Writing
  • Teaching Poetry
  • Teaching Shakespeare
  • Trauma and ACEs
  • Understanding Dyslexia

Click here to view all of the available courses.

I've completed a number of these courses now and they are proving really helpful and supportive of my NQT studies. They have linked seamlessly with the EPS learning we've been asked to complete.


Supplementary offers

Providers are able to access various extra options for NASBTT Learn including:

  • Special prices for NQTs (with some additional courses added)
  • Tailored offers for NQT+1s/RQTs (with extra courses available)
  • Term-by-term licence extensions (eg for individuals yet to secure full-time posts)

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your provider's specific requirements, and we will work with you to provide a bespoke solution.

About Anspear

NASBTT has partnered with Anspear, a technology and publishing company specialising in staff development and training for education establishments, to create NASBTT Learn. The resource contains over 60 courses supporting the professional development of trainee and other early career teachers and is constantly being supplemented with new releases and updates.

If you would like to find out more about Anspear, please get in touch.

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