Virtual Schools

We've rebranded. Anspear was previously Pearson Publishing.

Anspear's targeted products are making a real difference to Virtual Schools around the country. They are engaging learners across the curriculum and helping Virtual School Heads to manage effectively and understand the children in their care.

Mobile learning with MyLife is a simple way to convey information to young people that will enable them to learn about managing their money, mental health or tackling bullying - topics they may feel uncomfortable asking their teachers or peers about.

Dominic Stevenson, Public Affairs Manager, Become


Our interactive learning resources support children in care, particularly those waiting for a school placement who need easy access to educational resources. MyLibrary are designed to increase engagement and close the attainment gap for vulnerable and dislocated pupils. MyLife helps young people understand and address important life issues such as money, bullying, e-safety, drugs and leaving care.

MyLibrary MyLife

Tablet scheme

For just £85+VAT we offer MyLibrary preloaded onto a 7-inch Android tablet when a licence is purchased. Every tablet is locked down so it can only access the nimbl app, removing distractions and security concerns.

Special package for UASC

We offer a special package for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC). This involves the use of our locked-down Android tablets, Britannica School in over 100 languages, and access to MyLibrary and MyLife resources including Learn English.

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Foster carer training

Relevant guidance and training is essential for foster carers. Help your foster carers with their new responsibilities by using our digital resources, ensuring they have easily accessible information about how to support young people.

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Designated teachers/school staff

With the CiC-Ready School Programme Virtual Schools can provide designated teachers and school staff with key resources that help them support children in care (CiC). This ensures all school staff can understand and assist vulnerable pupils, including those who have left care but still experience educational and social challenges.

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