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October 2019 Issue 49

Welcome to the VSH Update! This edition takes a look at our Foster Carer First approach available via Anspear's nimbl platform. We also preview our upcoming resource Understanding Dyslexia and ask for your contributions.

Charlie Stone, Editor

Foster Carer First

Relevant guidance and training is essential for foster carers, as it offers the information and skills they need to understand and support children in their care. Our Foster Carer First approach, available via Anspear’s nimbl platform, equips foster carers to support children in two key ways, offering:

  • information-packed publications on issues which may affect the children in their care, such as mental health, learning difficulties and street gangs
  • resources to assist them in supporting their young people, which also enable them to help children use nimbl’s educational resources at home.

This is an ideal way for Virtual Schools to help foster carers with their new responsibilities, and thereby ensure the best outcomes for young people. See here for more information, and get in touch if you are interested in adopting this approach.

Coming soon: Understanding Dyslexia

Working to accommodate pupils with dyslexia is a vital skill for classroom teachers. Coming soon to our CPD Library is a new publication – 'Understanding Dyslexia' – which will enable teachers to foster a dyslexia-friendly classroom, putting them in the shoes of those struggling with the condition.

Our plans for new resources

We’re also developing three new resources:

  • The Virtual Schools Toolkit, designed to offer valuable practical support to all those supporting children in care.
  • Guide for Care Leavers, a bespoke guide for your local authority giving your care leavers all the information and advice they need as they move towards independent living.
  • Guidance for Adoptive Parents/Special Guardians, a course offering the latest support and resources to those responsible for some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK.

If you'd like to find out more about any of these, please do contact us.

A growing community

Children in care across 104 Virtual Schools are using nimbl resources.

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We always love featuring contributions from our VSH partners. Please do contact us if you would like to offer a mini-article exploring good practice and problem solving for Virtual Schools, or if you would like to contribute to our upcoming VS Toolkit.

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