Evolution of a MAT

A mobile CPD product for leaders

Evolution of a MAT is a detailed evaluation tool that maps out the evolution journey of a MAT. It is designed to help trustees and senior leadership teams of 'emerging' multi-academy trusts to consider how their trust has developed, make improvements and anticipate future issues.

The course examines 50 aspects of MAT development, providing success criteria and examples of evidence. Leaders can then use the red, amber and green (RAG) rating tool to rate whether their MAT successfully meets each aspect.

The results of the RAG rating are collated into a comprehensive report that helps pinpoint where a MAT is in its evolution journey. The report can highlight areas of agreement or difference between key stakeholders and faciliate constructive discussions about the future of the MAT.


Who is it for?

Evolution of a MAT and its report is most effective when a range of key stakeholders complete the RAG rating. This could include:

  • Senior trust staff
  • Principals/Heads of School
  • Trustees
  • Members
  • Chairs of LGBs

What does it cover?

The four stages of MAT evolution are forming, norming, storming and performing. In each of these stages, leaders can rate aspects of development that relate to:

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • MAT infrastructure
  • School improvement
  • Resourcing
  • Internal and external measures

About the author

Rama Venchard has a background of over twenty years in business change management, process improvement and strategic planning within the retail, hospitality and banking sectors. Since 2005, he has worked with schools and trusts to facilitate the set-up of academies, university technical colleges, studio schools and free schools. He is a trustee on two multi-academy trust boards, has assisted in the set-up of several multi-academy trusts and is the preferred Project Manager leading on Academy conversions and free schools for over ten academy trusts.


CPD licence holders

Evolution of a MAT is included free with every purchase of the CPD Library. There is an additional charge of £90 for the comprehensive evaluation report that collates the RAG rating data of all respondents. Subsequent reports cost £50 each.

Individual purchases

Evolution of a MAT can be purchased individually for groups of leaders.

  • 0 – 19 users: £145
  • 20 – 29 users: £195
  • 30 – 39 users: £245
  • 40 – 49 users: £295
  • 50 – 100 users: £395
  • 100+ users: £445

The price includes the comprehensive evaluation report that collates the RAG rating data of all respondents. Subsequent reports cost £50 each.

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