MAT Leaders

Unified training for leaders and governors

Core development and guidance courses for your whole leadership team. Offer a trust-wide package that is targeted, convenient to use and demonstrates a trust's commitment to crucial staff and volunteers.

Develop leadership

Directly addresses a school leader's development needs.

Save money

Upskill staff and volunteers with cost-effective prices.

Flexible and smart

Self-directed, interactive CPD for mobile and web.

Try it out

Want to see more? Get the app and sample every course in the MAT Leaders Library on the nimbl platform.

smartphone Android/iOS: Anspear
account_circle Username: matleader
vpn_key Password: iznrge

Reward and motivate

Key to any CPD programme is motivating learners and recording their achievements. All staff get a digital 'badge' and printable certificate for completing each CPD course.

Available courses

Leaders get access to a range of courses, organised around four key themes.

Executive leadership


Statutory requirements

Wellbeing and support

What's included?

timeline Online tracking
bar_chart PDF/Excel progress reports
new_releases Access to new courses
verified Digital credentials
settings Setup & administration
live_help Technical support

Find out more

For more information about the learning platform and starting a CPD programme, visit our features and support pages.

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