Offline learning

Charlie Stone

November 22, 2019

How many times have you tried to access an app on the tube, only to find you need an internet connection? Even in this digital age, there are many instances where connectivity is not a guarantee. Whether you’re taking the underground home, travelling through rural areas or just aiming to regulate your data allowance, the ability to access information offline can be invaluable in all walks of professional life.

A flexible solution

Many businesses such as FYMCA Medical are now promoting access to offline learning both for their employees and their clients. Its advantages are numerous: almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone and many have tablets. The chance to pursue professional development in spare moments such as on the tube journey home or to make the most of long haul flights means that offline availability of content is fast becoming integral to the work, training and professional development which take place outside the office.


While mobile phone data is relatively cheap, costs can soar when downloading large files onto your device or incurring roaming charges when abroad. Scrolling through your newsfeed is no longer such an easy way to pass the time when you’re being charged by the minute.

With offline learning, this is no longer a risk. Users can feel safe in the knowledge that the information they’re accessing is pre-downloaded and perfectly compatible with flight mode, saving money and battery life.

The best of both worlds

Training outside the workplace is most effective when users can access all content on their mobile device without needing a data connection. In much the same way that we download a TV programme onto our tablet before going on a flight, professionals can install the latest courses in the office and then access them at their own leisure later on. No longer will you have to rely on the patchy train wifi, the brief moments of 3G or simply have to turn off your devices. Offline accessibility is the effective solution to our online needs.

Anspear's mobile resources are all available offline or online, allowing users to learn at a time, place and pace that suits them.

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