What is an LMS?

Rachel Maton

May 23, 2019

An LMS – or learning management system – is a technical system allowing organisations to deploy, manage and monitor training programmes for their trainees or students. An LMS is essential if organisations want to make the most of their mobile learning courses, because it is where results are quantified and personalised learning programmes are created.

Data tracking

One of the great benefits of digital learning is that it enables you to track how users engage with courses and build a detailed picture of their learning. An LMS is used to record and display information such as which content has been clicked on and engaged with, how trainees have scored on tests, how many times they have taken tests and how they evaluate their own confidence and understanding.

Organisations can use this tracking data to improving outcomes, as it helps them to:

  • see who is struggling and help them catch up
  • identify individuals who are performing well and may be ready for a new challenge
  • see which courses are the most popular
  • identify groups of people who are highly motivated or better performers
  • provide evidence of compliance for audits
  • provide certificates or accreditations
  • see how trainees describe their own confidence and understanding in different areas.

Often an LMS will also allow the trainee to see some of their personal performance data, which helps them to see their progress and understand what goals they ought to be setting themselves.

Learning programme creation

An LMS is also a quick and easy way to create personalised learning programmes for individuals. An instructor or administrator will be able to choose from a large number of courses or modules and assign the correct ones to individuals based on their role, qualifications or aspirations.

Some organisations may provide all users with a whole library of courses and encourage them to try courses out and learn something new. Others prefer to create personalised training programmes based on their roles and interests. Learning is far more successful if the individual has a say and a vested interest in what they learn, as they will be more engaged and motivated.

A powerful LMS is crucial for an effective digital learning programme. Take a look at our free course, What is Mobile Learning?, to find out more about how an LMS works in relation to learning programmes.

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