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Getting around

Click the left and right arrows to turn the page.

Use the navigation menu to go directly to a section or page.

Click Exit in the navigation menu to close the preview and return to the website.


Complete quizzes, videos, reading or writing activities as you learn.

Keep track of your progress in the navigation menu. Hover over a section title to see:

  • Progress - Percentage of learning activities completed in the section.
  • Test - Most recent score on the end-of-section test.


Show hint - Get extra information or help with the question.
Mark - Check your answer.
Tap next when you have answered the question.


Add notes to your current page using the icon at the top of the navigation menu.
The note will appear at the top right of the page. Click to edit or delete.

Notes with pages are marked in the navigation menu so you can find them quickly.


Pagemarks help you categorise your pages.

Add pagemarks to your current page by using icon at the top of navigation menu.

The pagemarks available are:

I know this
Needs more work
Ignore this!
Ready for the test
Ask for help!

Pagemarks appear at the top right of the page and next to the page title in the navigation menu.

To remove a pagemark, click the icon where it appears on the page, then switch it off in the list.

Using multiple devices

Use your account on more than one of your mobile devices as well as on the web. When you're connected to the internet your scores, notes and text entries will show on all your devices.

Your tutor

If you have a teacher or a tutor for your learning programme they will will be able to monitor your learning progress online. They will be able to see your progress and test scores, as well as the 1-5 'self assessment' ratings that you give at the end of each section.

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