Anspear’s mobile learning software can be developed for any discipline, although in the past they have been tailored for language learning needs with specialist screens for vocabulary learning, listening, reading, and a range of interactive question templates. Audio, image, video and interactivity make all the apps accessible and fun.

Some of the features are demonstrated below. Click on the icons to view a range of different screen types from some of our existing products.


Vocabulary exercises provide target vocabulary as text and an image, plus an opportunity to hear the pronunciation and spelling of the word.

Word fill

Word fill exercises provide practice in using target vocabulary, with the correct spelling, in a complete sentence, or using the correct form of the verb in grammar exercises.

Word order

Word order exercises are a chance to practise putting parts of a sentence in the right order. A jumbled sentence is displayed on the screen. Learners rearrange the words or phrases to form a complete sentence.


This is an opportunity for learners to listen to target vocabulary in everyday phrases and speech. After listening to the audio extract, learners are asked a series of questions that test comprehension.

Word games

Four different images are displayed on the screen. Learners select the image that most closely matches the text underneath.


A short video is played, with optional subtitles, after which the learner is presented with a selection of relevant multiple-choice questions.


Learners can familiarise themselves with the spoken language by following native speaker conversations. The speech bubbles highlight in time with the audio so they are easy to follow.

Grammar points

Simple lists of example sentences summarise essential grammar points. Parts of the construction are highlighted to show the function of words.


Illustrated audiobooks allow readers to follow the text in time with the narration using our special 'karaoke' mode.

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