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Our Home Learning App

It is well evidenced that children and young people have better educational outcomes when their parents and carers actively engage in their education.

Our Home Learning App, written and designed by senior teachers and experienced local authority education professionals, help parents and carers to be strong advocates for the education of their child and support their learning at school and in the home.

These App provides a valuable tool for Virtual School Heads in their extended roles of strategically supporting the education of Previously Looked After Children and Children known to Social Care. For schools, these Apps provide a valuable tool for School Heads in their role of narrowing the gap between all children and those who are in care, adopted or in need).

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The material has been designed for self-learning with clear explanations, relevant information and a host of links for further support. It is suitable for parents and carers who are ambitious for their children and wish to give them further support as well as those who may not have been educated in this country or who may not have engaged fully with school themselves. The vocabulary used is simple and designed to allow the trainee to learn at their own pace, dipping in and out as they wish.

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Our stand alone App can be purchased by schools and local authorities to distribute to carers and parents and the Apps are included for free for those interested in taking up our online training offer for foster carers and parents, and free for our face to face training.

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Our Home Learning App

Home Learning Foundations gives invaluable advice on making one’s home “a learning home”, on how to engage reluctant learners and develop basic learning skills. It debunks the myth that one has to have a high IQ to learn, stressing the importance of a positive attitude, affirmation and encouragement.

Home Learning Strategies takes parents through specific ways to support their child's learning, whether that's helping them learn to read, spell, improve recall and more. Parents will find out what writing skills are needed for examinations and everyday life and how parents can help their child prepare for exams and revise.

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