About us

Anspear is a technology and publishing business with over 25 years of experience.

We believe that learning should be flexible and affordable. Education and training should fit around people's busy lifestyles and not be limited by timetables, lecture halls and conference rooms. With mobile learning, we are making this vision a reality for learners of all ages.

Technology - Anspear Learn

Driven by a vision of smooth and professional learning experiences for mobile phones and tablets, we created our technology platform, Anspear Learn. We use Anspear Learn to publish our own staff development programmes as well as to help other organisations provide mobile learning courses to their customers around the world.

Anspear's technology powers core curriculum courses for children, distance learning degrees, language learning, vocational training and CPD. It is used in a range of complex settings where flexible learning is key.

Our platform is set apart by its mobile-optimised design, consistent, interactive experience and wide range of automatically marked assessments. It also offers powerful usage analytics to help teachers, tutors and managers measure the impact of their learning programmes.



As publishers and educators, the members of our team have the skills and experience to offer more than just technology to those who use Anspear Learn to deliver their own learning programmes. Our editors and designers are skilled at adapting material to form mobile-optimised courses. They ensure that content is well edited, well designed and consistent in look and feel.

Anspear has an educational publishing pedigree and since 1991 (as Pearson Publishing until 2019) has published over 1000 titles in print and digital formats. In addition to curriculum delivery materials for schools and colleges, it has developed learning programmes for hundreds of thousands of adults. It has also produced material for and with the United Nations, the European Union, the University of Cambridge and Microsoft amongst others.

Today, Anspear focuses on publishing using Anspear Learn. It has published over 400 mobile courses including core curriculum support for vulnerable children in the UK and a growing library of professional development courses for education professionals.

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