Engage learners.
Measure impact.

Interactive learning, straight to mobile

For self-directed study, an engaging learning experience is vital. The nimbl platform uses media-rich, interactive displays to make learning as interesting and effective as possible.

Online and offline

All courses are downloadable on mobile apps for uninterrupted, on-demand learning. Also available online through a web browser.


We optimise courses for microlearning, with short, frequent learning periods allowing better engagement and a sense of achievement.

Practice, testing and
instant feedback

Engage and challenge with a whole range of question types. Motivate and assess with instant quiz scores and progress indicators.

Personalised learning

Learners can write, reflect and revise with notes, bookmarks and long-text answers. They also rate their learning experience as they go.

designed courses

Our in-house editorial and design teams make sure all courses have a professional, pleasing interface and beautifully designed content.

slideshowAnimated presentations
keyboard_voiceVoice recording
question_answerVariety of quiz questions
flip_to_frontDrag & drop activities
call_splitBranching scenarios
linkExternal URL links
file_copyEmbedded files & PDFs
bookmarksNotes & bookmarks
favorite_borderFeedback questionnaires
check_boxProgress indicators

Live progress tracking

Stay informed about how learners are interacting with your content. The learning management system (LMS) presents live online graphs helping you measure engagement, understanding and feedback.


Track module completion and how users have interacted with different learning activities.


View test scores across modules, assess understanding and keep track of pass and fail rates.


Record how users rate their own understanding and satisfaction after each module.

Online management

The LMS also helps you stay in control of your programme. Management tools help you get the right courses to the right learners and build a personalised library of courses for each individual.

person_addManage user accounts
groupOrganise users into groups
bookAssign courses
schoolAssign tutors
lockManage passwords
verified_userManage admin permissions

What impressed me about nimbl was its compelling user experience for long-form learning and practice material on mobile phones, with the ability to run fully on and offline...

Joseph Noble, Head of Innovation, ELT Division, OUP

Training and compliance reports

We produce regular PDF or Excel reports of progress, performance or compliance data from across your organisation, providing you with additional analysis in a convenient, shareable format.

Summary reports

See snapshots of course activity to easily identify completion rates, areas of strength and engagement.

Individual reports

See an individual's completion and performance data: ideal for tutor meetings or personnel reviews.

Excel reports

Have all your key data presented in Excel so you can manipulate it or add it to other systems.

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