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TA Pathways

Certificated online and mobile training specially designed to support the career development of Teaching Assistants. A digital library of 65 training courses and 8 TA-focused learning pathways with recognition from the University of Buckingham.

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Whole School Pathways

Convenient training for the whole school at exceptionally low cost. 150+ professional development courses covering teaching skills, leadership, wellbeing, pastoral care and compliance. Now staff can choose from a number of carefully chosen, certificated learning pathways to kickstart their development.

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BA (Hons) Primary Education

Anspear partners with the University of Buckingham to deliver a three-year degree course on Anspear Learn. Following on from TA Pathways, the degree is aimed at teaching assistants who wish to become primary school teachers. The course is fully distance learning so students can keep working while they study.

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Our technology: Anspear Learn

All our CPD and curriculum courses are delivered on Anspear Learn. Anspear Learn offers a convenient, interactive learning experience and lets you monitor progress online. Keep track of hundreds of learners on the online dashboard and watch the impact of your learning programme in real time.


School and MAT diagnostic tools

Anspear's school evaluation tools use surveys to pinpoint trends, analyse sentiment and identify issues across your school body. All of our tools have a single core objective - to remove barriers to learning.

Just 14% of variation in individuals’ performance is accounted for by school quality. Most variation is explained by other factors, underlining the need to look at a range of children’s experiences and wellbeing.

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