Distance learning,
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We create flexible, affordable learning experiences that help busy people study while they work

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Interactive courses

We adapt your courses for the perfect experience on mobile

Branded mobile app

Deliver professional learning modules through your own apps

A powerful LMS

Track live progress through the learning management system

Integrated mobile learning is the future of staff development, and the Anspear platform will bring about a step-change in engagement due to its accessibility and brilliant design.

Martin Stephenson, Chief Executive, Unitas


Track performance, completion rates and learner satisfaction with the LMS and usage reports


Reach learners across the globe and save on resources with instant digital distribution


Deliver effective education on any subject without relying on expensive face-to-face classes

Professionally adapted courses

Our expert team takes your course material in any format and creates fully-edited, professionally designed modules that make the most Anspear's platform. We help you offer the best distance learning experience possible while saving you valuable time.

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Inspiring degree programmes

Anspear’s platform underpins the Foundation Degree in Youth Justice by Unitas and is transforming the delivery of degrees in work.

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Scalable CPD in education

Education trusts and local authorities around the UK are using Anspear to deliver expert continuing professional development courses to hundreds of staff.

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