Confidential Reports

Confidential Reports can help you analyse factors affecting learning by delivering finely detailed geographical data on multiple indices of deprivation. This will give a tangible and evidenced insight into schools' local area and allow you to target interventions for vulnerable individuals and groups.

Clear community overview

Confidential Reports provide a set of colour-coded maps showing a school's local area shaded according to nine separate measures of deprivation. The maps are overlaid with marks showing the distribution of children's homes. The measures of deprivation are:

other_houses Barriers to housing and services
local_police Crime
school Education, skills and training
local_pharmacy Health and disability
work Employment
savings Income deprivation
escalator_warning Income deprivation affecting children index (IDACI)
volunteer_activism Index of multiple deprivation
nature_people Living environment deprivation

Improve interventions for vulnerable groups

Using the key deprivation metrics and community characteristics foregrounded by Confidential Reports, inform staff and deploy them more efficiently to improve interventions, close gaps and raise attainment.

Effective leadership, effective evidence

Confidential Reports provide important data in a format that is easy to interpret and implement efficiently, saving hours of time. Present clear data to external agencies to demonstrate an understanding of community issues.

The reports were very detailed and gave us information we could not have easily found for ourselves. For all four of our previous inspections we know that the reports would have been very useful.

Headteacher, Greenacres Primary

Rapid insights

Confidential Reports provide important data in a format that is easy to understand straight away, saving hours of time. Gain insights by year group, ethnicity and pupil premium status, as well as year-on-year comparisons.

How it works

1. The only data we require from your school(s) is an anonymised list of the home postcodes for your pupils.

2. We conduct the analysis and produce your Confidential Reports in both digital and in print formats.

3. Maps are shaded according to the nine measures of deprivation, overlaid with pupils' postcodes. Sample maps

4. A dynamic excel report shows breakdown for the whole school: by year, ethnicity and pupil premium. Sample xlsx

What you can expect

With Anspear, you will never be on your own. We are always on hand and are committed to the success of your support and intervention programme. With our Confidential Reports, you can expect:

build Initial report setup
supervisor_account Anonymity and confidentiality
contact_support Technical support and guidance
support_agent 9am–5pm phone/email support

The reports have proved very useful, particularly in our recent Ofsted when they provided a context for the school's own data. We would recommend them to all communities.

Vice Principal, Shenley Academy Birmingham

Report samples

Confidential reports provides printed and PDF maps, as well as an Excel report of your school's data.

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