Working with Anspear

A partnership with Anspear is cost-effective and low-risk. We don't charge large upfront fees, but opt for a revenue share, so are committed to making sure your distance learning programme is a success.

How it works


Provide us with your learning material in any format. If you're creating something from scratch, the team will advise on how best to optimise and adapt your content for mobile.


We convert your content into mobile courses. Our designers and editors work with you to ensure your courses are mobile-optimised and make the most of our interactive features.


Once approved and published, your users access your courses through your branded Apple or Android app. Your courses can also be accessed online via a web portal.


Your courses can be freely available or put behind a paywall within the app. You can also sell or distribute content 'activation codes' that can be redeemed by end users.


The online LMS allows you to assign and manage courses. The live online graphs and reports help you measure engagement, assess understanding and evaluate your learning programme.


Unlike printed documents, mobile resources are highly flexible and the content can be easily updated on request, usually free of charge, by our in-house teams.

The nimbl team had a very good grasp of what did and didn't work from a mobile perspective, which no doubt related to the fact that they have a long history in mobile publishing.

Joseph Noble, Head of Partnerships, ELT Division, OUP

Ongoing support

Expert support is a key element of the Anspear service. We offer professional, administrative, editorial and technical guidance throughout the production process and after product distribution, helping you to create beautiful results on mobile devices.

face Close working relationship to manage your project
question_answer Full collaboration on editorial and design
build Setup and administrative support
touch_app Personalised training on our system
bar_chart PDF and Excel progress reports
update Easy content updates
trending_up Marketing support
live_help Technical support

Please get in touch if you would like more detail about the levels of service you can expect when in partnership with Anspear.

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