9 November 2023

At Anspear, we're dedicated to enhancing your learning experience. Based on your valuable feedback, we're excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that makes our course library more accessible but also offers more personalised and impactful learning experiences across our products – Pathways.

What is Pathways?

Our experts have meticulously created sets of 3-5 courses, tailored to specific roles and areas within your school. These learning pathways can improve professional development in your school in three distinct ways:

  • Simplifies staff development: Pathways offers clearly sequenced and easy-to-follow courses that allow your staff to build knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Faster and more flexible training: In-person training is important, but is not always possible. Pathways offers a faster and more flexible training option that can easily be integrated into your school professional development programme.
  • Easy reporting: Pathways includes easy-to-use reporting, providing you with the evidence you need for any Ofsted inspection or governors’ report.

Ready-made pathways

Our team of experts has meticulously crafted sixteen learning journeys covering everything from TA skills and classroom management to SEND guidance, as well as first steps in leadership. These pathways create a comprehensive package for your staff, whilst you can rest assured that they receive well-rounded, up-to-date training.

Example: Essential TA

Example: Essential teaching and learning

Ready to explore Pathways and discover their content? Click here to learn more: Anspear Pathways.

University certification

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of Buckingham's Faculty of Education. When you complete a pathway, you'll earn a certificate from the University of Buckingham. Their Faculty of Education is one of the most respected in the UK, and we're delighted that they have certificated our pathways, providing users with an award to enhance their professional profile, boost their CV, and help them climb the career ladder.

Which pathway will you take?...

Pathways is now active across our mobile, tablet and desktop apps.

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