Designated teachers

Our professional development courses are regularly updated to support both designated teachers who are new to the role and those who are experienced members of staff holding statutory responsibilities for promoting the education of children in care and previously looked-after children.

Suggested courses

Reward and motivate

Core to any training is motivating learners and recording their achievements. All foster carers get a digital 'badge' and printable certificate for completing every course.

Try it out

Want to see more? Get the app and sample the courses we recommend for foster carers on the nimbl platform. Log in as a demo tutor and see how you would monitor foster carers' progress online.

smartphone Android/iOS: Anspear
account_circle Username: designatedteacher
vpn_key Password: qccbja

What's included?

As well as well as the training courses, you can also expect:

timeline Online tracking
bar_chart PDF progress reports
new_releases Access to new courses
verified Certificates for foster carers
settings Setup & administration
live_help Technical support

To to find out more about packages for designated teachers and to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.

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