Staff Wellbeing

Our new Staff Wellbeing system involves a simple online survey that gives staff the opportunity to inform leaders of their needs and MAT leaders the chance to see patterns of concern and spot issues of particular importance.

Improve staff retention and reduce recruitment costs

Promote a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing

Show staff how much you value them

How it works

1. Each member of staff fills in a short online survey on mental health and wellbeing concerns.

2. We send you informative reports that break down responses and highlight issues of particular importance.

3. Staff gain access to relevant and supportive follow-up courses and resources from our CPD library, matched to their responses to the survey.

Developed by experts

The principal author of the survey, David Gumbrell, is a former headteacher who now specialises in staff wellbeing and building resilience. David is one of several experts in the field who have contributed to the CPD courses that accompany the Staff Wellbeing survey.

Browse our wellbeing resources

A key aspect of the Staff Wellbeing system is that each member of staff receives a range of courses tailored to their individual concerns following the survey. As part of the package, school leaders will get access to a selection of training courses designed to equip them with the skills to support their staff.

For staff

For school leaders

What you can expect

With Anspear, you will never be on your own. We are always on hand and are committed to the success of your support and intervention programme. With our Improvement Planner survey, you can expect:

build Initial survey setup
supervisor_account Personalised service
contact_support Technical support and guidance
support_agent 9am–5pm phone/email support

Get in touch

To get started with our Improvement Planner survey or find out more, please get in touch using the form below or give us a call.

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