Tracking and monitoring

The nimbl learning platform lets you monitor the progress of staff as they take their CPD courses. This means that you can see which staff are engaging well and which staff need more motivation.

To be able to monitor progress, you must be a tutor of a group. Your organisation will receive a tutor code for every group. Enter the code to become the group's tutor. Go to Starting CPD to learn more.

The dashboard

Progress monitoring is only available online - not from the mobile apps. Data is displayed in simple graphs of nimbl's three progress metrics. A green progress bar of 100% means that the user has finished the course.

emoji_objects Progress (green) - learning activites completed
bar_chart Score (blue) - average score on tests
favorite Self-eval (colours) - user's own confidence rating

When you log into the learning platform as a tutor, you will see a list of your tutor groups. Inside each group is a list of CPD courses. Click on a CPD course to check on the group's progress.

To go straight to an individual person, select 'Learners' on the left hand side of your home page and search. If the person does not appear in the search then they are not in any of your tutor groups. Contact Anspear if you think they should be.


Reports can give you a more general overview of your learning program or show you all the detail in a different format.

Overview spreadsheets

This is a colour-coded spreadsheet on multiple tabs. It shows every user and their progress through each course in the library. It also shows completion and activity statistics for every course and group.

Completion reports

A more simple Excel spreadsheet that lists every course completion and who completed it, organised by date of completion. This report is useful for keeping track of digital awards.

PDF summary

An attractive PDF report summarising statistics in your organisation. It reports on the number of active users in your organisation, the number of completions, most popular courses and most active users.

Please request your reports from Anspear. You can arrange for weekly, monthly or termly reporting.

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