Evaluate is an online self-evaluation service specifically designed for headteachers and principals. Evaluate enables schools and colleges to appraise their present and potential effectiveness by assessing the school's perceived performance against 11 key characteristics identified by international research into school effectiveness and successful performance.

Four powerful surveys

The full Evaluate service is a set of four surveys and a comparative report to highlight differences of perception in your key constituencies. The surveys can be used together or independently to analyse specific groups.

Evaluate Staff

Canvasses and analyses the views of all staff – irrespective of role – and can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. The staff report indicates how opinions vary between groups of staff.

Evaluate Parents

Enables you to make consultation with parents a constructive and worthwhile exercise, giving you a representative set of opinions on a range of important topics.

Evaluate Pupils

Understand how pupils perceive provision in your school. The survey can be conducted during registration, a tutorial session or an ICT class. Primary and secondary versions available.

Evaluate Governors

Canvasses and analyses the views of governors and is powerful as comparative information. The 10-15 minute survey can often be conveniently included within a governors meeting.

Easy to use

Respondents complete Evaluate online at a time and place convenient for them. The questionnaire is accessed using a unique password that ensures complete confidentiality.

Detailed evaluation

Respondents from each of your target groups evaluate the school in key areas.

school School/college leadership
lightbulb Teaching and learning
gavel Behaviour and discipline
assessment Monitoring student performance
analytics Monitoring staff performance
volunteer_activism Student care
sports_soccer Extra-curricular provision
family_restroom Parental involvement
model_training Staff training and development

Clear analysis

Evaluate reports provide detailed evidence of the school's current progress in key areas for Ofsted's inspection framework. They give headteachers and their colleagues a valuable insight into how the school is perceived and how perceptions vary across the institution, identifying areas of clear strength, weakness, improvement and decline for further investigation and action.

Report samples

Evaluate gives a detailed report for each of your constituencies, plus an overview of all responses from across your school body.

description Evaluate - Staff
description Evaluate - Pupils
description Evaluate - Parents
description Evaluate - Governors
description Full school overview

Evaluate is a powerful and convenient way to consult pupils, parents and governors. It is well designed to be part of a school's preparation for inspection.

George Pearson, Anspear (Director), CAM Academy Trust (Trustee)

What you can expect

With Anspear, you will never be on your own. We are always on hand and are committed to the success of your support and intervention programme. With our Evaluate survey, you can expect:

build Initial survey setup
supervisor_account Anonymity and confidentiality
contact_support Technical support and guidance
support_agent 9am–5pm phone/email support

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