Social Intelligence

The Social Intelligence Programme is a digital course that helps young people develop the wide range of personal qualities needed to prepare for adult life, to become effective leaders and well rounded citizens. The course encourages independent study and self-reflection.

Independent learning

Students take the course online or on the mobile app, exploring topics in their own time at their own pace.


Explore what resilience means and what it takes to develop as a person, face challenges and learn from mistakes.

Soft skills

A focus on the interpersonal skills needed for success, such as teamwork, leadership and self-awareness.

Course structure

Students take 10 modules covering five 'social intelligences', team working and leadership skills. By the end of the course, students have developed their understanding of themselves, how they respond to challenges and how to deal with a range of interpersonal situations.

Digital certification

Students receive a digital certificate of completion as a record of their achievement and reward for their engagement. Students also earn digital badges at the end of every module for reward and motivation throughout the course.

About the course

Delivered by CareerNet and Anspear

The programme is the result of a collaboration between Anspear, with its nimbl technology platform, and CareerNet, with its expertise in course development and leadership training. The programme was originally developed for national youth development committee overseas and was delivered to more than 10,000 young people in that country over the course of one month.

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Want to learn more or get started on the programme? Contact your school programme administrator for more information.