Staff Wellbeing

Our new Staff Wellbeing system involves a powerful online survey that gives staff the opportunity to inform leaders of their needs and MAT leaders the chance to see patterns of concern and spot issues of particular importance.

Improve retention

Improve staff retention and reduce recruitment costs

Intelligent Analysis

Whole-school wellbeing with personal CPD programmes

Value staff

Show staff in your school how much you value their contribution

How it works

1. Online survey

Staff complete a simple online self-evaluation on mental health and wellbeing concerns.

2. Personal CPD programme

The Intelligent Analysis engine recommends each staff member a package of follow-up courses from our CPD Library, matched to their responses to the survey.

3. Whole-school reports

We send you informative reports that break down responses and highlight issues of particular importance.

4. Self-directed learning

Staff learn flexibly to improve their wellbeing, with interactive, self-directed CPD courses on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis uses survey data from respondents to make targeted and relevant reccomendations that seamlessly map across to our ever-growing library of digital resources. Each respondant receives a personalised library of wellbeing resources.

Browse our wellbeing resources

A key aspect of the Staff Wellbeing system is that each member of staff receives a range of courses tailored to their individual concerns following the survey. As part of the package, school leaders will get access to a selection of training courses designed to equip them with the skills to support their staff.

For staff

For school leaders

What's included?

gps_fixed Online survey
phonelink Recommended CPD courses
description Survey and CPD reports
timeline Online tracking
verified Digital credentials
new_releases Access to new courses
settings Setup & administration
live_help Technical support

Find out more

For more information about the learning platform and starting a CPD programme, visit our features and support pages.

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