Pupil wellbeing

In difficult times for schools and their communities, it has never been more important to understand the issues affecting pupils' ability to learn effectively. Anspear's survey and analysis tools give you important insights into the wellbeing of vulnerable groups and the 'readiness for learning' of a whole school.

Pupil Perceptions

Understand more about your pupils’ readiness for learning. Pupil Perceptions is a simple tool that can help you to pick up important safeguarding issues and understand possible barriers to learning. It helps schools prepare cogent self-evaluation evidence for Ofsted.

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Confidential Report - Community Issues

Your school’s report helps you to understand more about pupils’ backgrounds. It provides a set of colour-coded maps showing the school’s local area shaded according to nine separate measures of deprivation, overlaid with the distribution of children’s homes.

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Flexible curriculum support

A collection of engaging resources to support curriculum delivery in maths, English, science and PSHE. Extend education and pastoral care beyond the classroom and encourage independent learning online and offline.

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