New solutions for

Virtual Schools

With role extension support

All NAVSH members can access all of our interactive educational and professional development solutions developed for children in care (CiC) and those closest to them.

For a fixed annual cost based on the size of your Virtual School, each child, foster carer, care leaver, adoptive parent, designated teacher or social worker can access their own resources without paying per user. Try the site licence price calculator below!

Included packages

Regardless of geographic, staff and resource limitations, your Virtual School will now be able to distribute access to vital learning resources to the groups listed below on a one-to-one basis where and when they will achieve most benefit. Reach and support more people for less!

Previously looked after children

Virtual School Heads can grant access to adoptive parents and other relevant people who request additional guidance.

Role extension support

Virtual Schools can now provide access to the library of resources on request to any key professionals such as social workers to help them understand the challenges that children in need may face.

Virtual Schools will now be able to use our Pupil Perceptions survey tool on a representative sample of schools to track children with a social worker, exercising their strategic role and enabling them to take evidence-based action.

Learn about Pupil Perceptions

Measure and track

Easily track and demonstrate the progress of your CiC and their support network in one convenient dashboard. Download all dashboard data in a convenient, shareable, spreadsheet format. Comprehensive overviews of all learning activity allow you to analyse engagement, effectiveness and compliance.

Online and offline mobile access

Your app provides a convenient, interactive learning experience for everyone and allows you to monitor progress online. All courses can be accessed offline on mobile devices, maximising learning opportunities while minimising technological and connectivity issues.

Your Virtual School's own learning app*

Create your app with your Virtual School's name on it. Strengthen the relationships with your community. Branded app set (Android, iOS and web) for your VS.

Custom care leavers guide*

Include a custom VS-specific Care Leaver Guide with local advice and resources.

*These custom services are available at an extra cost that is significantly discounted for subscribed Virtual Schools.

What you can expect

With Anspear, you will never be on your own. We are always on hand and are committed to the success of your support and intervention programme. With our solution for Virtual Schools, you can expect:

build Initial user setup
supervisor_account Ongoing user admin
contact_support Technical support
bar_chart Progress reports on request
support_agent 9am–5pm phone/email support
get_app Access to course updates

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